Add-On Services

Add-On Services That Meet Your Unique Requisites

In addition to our core services, Practice Ally also offers add-on services for a full suite of assets your practice can use each day. These services include:

Patient Billing and Collections

Patient Collection Management

Don’t let your staff spend hours chasing patient payments. We’ll take care of the collections process for you. You can rest assured that we always handle collections with professionalism, respect, courtesy, and integrity.

Fee Schedule Update

Fee Schedule Updating

Fee schedules can change frequently, and having outdated information in your billing can cost you time and money. Let Practice Ally make sure your fee schedules are always current.

Insurance Billing and Collections

Insurance Verification

Verifying that a patient’s insurance is active and the details are correct can be a time-consuming task. We can take care of all the work for you. Plus, we can also input complete insurance breakdowns into the practice management software so that the information is at your fingertips.

Practice Management Software Customization

Custom Virtual Assistant Projects

Every dental practice is different, and we have answers to your distinct challenges. Practice Ally provides bespoke virtual assistant support for any administrative or billing projects you may have. Our solutions will always be high-quality and tailored to your needs.

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