Meet the Founder

Your Virtual Billing Specialist, Leila Hamidi, MS, LGPC, NCC

Leila Hamidi, MS, LGPC, NCC, Dental Billing ExpertMy name is Leila and I am the sole owner and operator of Practice Ally.

I have been in the administrative facet of the dental field since I was 14 years old.  My mom is a dentist, so I grew up inheriting some knowledge from her about the clinical aspects of dentistry, and when I reached an appropriate age to start working, she took me in. I always tell people that dentistry is a part of my DNA. With that said, becoming a dentist was not of interest to me, but creating efficient systems within the practice became one of my strong suits as my husband and I opened our own private practice startup in Maryland, and since we opened in 2018, we have maintained a 99% insurance collection ratio to date.

The inspiration behind Practice Ally stems from having worked in virtual billing over the past few years. This experience granted me the understanding that dental billing can be effectively and efficiently managed outside of the office.  In addition, I quickly learned the benefits outsourcing can have on dental practices as far as increasing office staff productivity and lowering overhead costs. My extensive history within both live and virtual platforms has proven a critical asset to many dental offices across the United States.

Simultaneously managing our own practice opened my eyes to another difficulty dentists face when starting their own practice or acquiring an existing practice – finding experienced and trusting dental administrators is an extremely tedious and challenging process for dentists to take on. At Practice Ally, we know that dentists strive to create clinical environments that are focused on their patients, not on office staff competency. That being said, onboarding Practice Ally’s Billing Services for your practice would allow you to create the clinical environment you envisioned prior to opening your doors to the outside community!

On a more personal note, the most rewarding aspect of providing these services to dental offices lies in my love for helping others.  This love extends beyond dental practices to my work as a licensed mental health therapist.  When I am not working I am either exploring new restaurants with my husband, taking barre classes, running, or reading books.  I also love taking my dogs on hikes, being in nature, and spending time with our family. Thank you for visiting Practice Ally’s website! To learn more about services offered, be sure to reach out!


Leila Hamidi