Virtual Dental Billing Services

Practice Ally’s Core Services to Keep Your Dental Office Running Smoothly

We are proud to provide the following quality services to ease the burden of administration and billing tasks for our clients. Our core services allow you the freedom to practice without being weighed down with worries about payments or hours spent on the phone with insurance companies.

Insurance Claims Submission

Claims Submission

Make things easier for your patients and yourself. Let us handle insurance claims submissions and free your staff to perform patient care and other tasks. This service includes all the necessary attachments for claims processing.

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management

Denied claims, incomplete payments, and unacknowledged claims are a massive headache for dental practices. We can manage all your AR activity and spare you from the hassle.

Payment Reconciliation

Payment Reconciliation

Practice Ally has years of experience in payment reconciliations. We’ll make certain your payments are received, processed, and sent to your accounts – where they belong.

Practice Management Software Customization

Remote Access Desktop

Our remote access desktop system provides seamless access for your practice’s needs. You simply designate an office computer, and our integrated functionality lets us handle all your billing. Your staff can automatically scan your patients’ explanation of benefits (EOBs) into the system, and we’ll post payments within 24 hours. Practice Ally will also follow up with any claim denials within 24 hours of the initial scan.

Insurance Collections Pricing

Less than $20,000

$850 per month

$20,001 to $40,000

4.0% of insurance collections per month

Greater than $40,001

3.75% of insurance collections per month

Give us a call now at (301) 241-7455. Let us take the frustration and wasted time out of billing and payment management.